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Getting Into The Air

Getting Into The Air


Instructions For DCS A10-C

Firstly, please go to your Pilot Centre (link top of page) and download all the aircraft liveries that are shown. These liveries are updated as required and it is your responsability to check on a regular basis for any updates. This is so that we are all able to see each other in the correct aircraft.


Once you have the new liveries installed you are ready to book a flight and get some air under your wings.


1.      Make sure you are logged into the main RAF Air UK web site

2.      Click on VIEW PILOT CENTRE on top right


4.      From the Select All drop down, choose UGSB(Batumi) and click FIND FLIGHTS

5.      In the resulting list you will see airframes with pilot's names in the Notes line. These have already been allocated. If you have not been allocated an aircraft, you will need to use one that shows "FTS Student" in the Notes. To select an aircraft simply click ADD TO BID

6.      Go to the Home Page and your Bid should be showing in the Booked Flights box with your name against it.

7.      If flying online with other pilots you MUST be on our Teamspeak server as well, otherwise just start DCS, and fly the sortie.

8.      We encourage all pilots, even if flying alone, to begin all flights from a Cold Cockpit. Go through a full start up each time.

9.      You can fly any mission you wish, whether one you have created, a RAF Air sortie, or one provided by a third party. 

10.    Once in the cockpit you will need to make a note of the fuel on board and the time that the flight begins in order to calculate the fuel used during your sortie.

11.    After landing make a note of the fuel left and the duration of the flight. Subtract the fuel left figure from the starting fuel. Then divide the result by 2.2 to give fuel used in kgs (DCS uses lbs).

12.    Go to the Home Page and click VIEW MY BIDS.

13.    Click on FILE PIREP and enter the used fuel figure in the box. Enter the flight time. If time was say 1hr 36mins, enter as 1.36, add any comments you require, then click FILE FLIGHT REPORT. 

14.     The report will  then be reviewed and approved by one of the RAF Air administrators, and will then be added to your flying hours total.