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Profile For Gerd Vermoens

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  • Pilot ID: RAF0215
  • Rank: Pilot Officer
  • Total Flights: 5
  • Total Hours: 6.45
  • Location: Belgium Belgium
  • How did you hear about us?: Via youtube, was looking at some vids Vella uploaded and took a look at the site
  • How long have you been using DCS World?: In DCS since 2 years more or less, a little bit more fanatic during the last 6 months
  • What make of Joystick/Pedals etc do you use?: Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Pro rudder, TrackIR5 pro clip ( oculus is on the way ), SRS, TS3, Vent, VoiceAttack
  • Which main DCS module would you most like to fly on RAFAir UK?: Until now iv'e flown mostly the A10C, a bit F15 here and there and the Huey although that might not be considered flying... ahum
  • Have you flown multiplayer missions with DCS? If so, with which group?: Hopped in on the buddyspike server doing blueflag but only solo
  • How much time do you envisage devoting to flying during the week?: Thats the tricky part, i am a mariner and thus
  • Have you completed the DCS training for A-10C?: If you mean the standard A-10C training missions in the single player, yup I did
  • Are you more interested in A-10C or Fast Jets(Hawk etc)?: My focus is on the A-10C, with here and there some time to learn other frames


  • Squadron Wings


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
RAF9001 RA01 RA01 A10C (ZZ701) 1.30 13/07/2017
RAF9001 RA02 RA02 A10C (ZZ701) 1.35 12/07/2017
RAF9001 RA02 RA02 A10C (ZZ701) 1.45 09/07/2017
RAF9001 RA02 RA02 A10C (ZZ701) 1.05 07/07/2017
RAF9601 UGSB UGSB A10C (XX121) 0.50 07/07/2017