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RAF Air Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are very simple. We do not make great demands on your spare time, and you can fly whenever you wish, either online with others using our dedicated flight server or offline. After each flight, pilots must file a Pilot Report(PIREP) as proof of what you flew.



RAF AIR UK operates a 60 day active flying policy which means pilots must fly at least one flight every 60 days.

Pilots who are inactive after the 60 day period may be removed without notice and placed into the holding Squadron and marked as inactive. This period can be extended by 30 days if you make contact with any administrator or your Squadron C.O.

If you do not fly or make contact for a 120 day period you may be removed without notice from RAF AIR UK.

We ask you to carefully consider before applying whether you are able to fulfil this basic commitment.
If you do fall inactive on our rosters and re-apply your past record of participation will be looked at.

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