Formation Procedures

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Formation Procedures

Postby Flyco » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:37 pm


I promised to put together a simple one-sheet guide to formation procedures, primarily for new members. I have limited it to start-up and transit to the target area to keep it to one page. I have attached this as a PDF.

I have also attached a one-page outline of my thoughts on how we should use the A-10 in the combat area. A fuller description would be too long-winded and I don't want to frighten anyone off with a lengthy and turgid tome.

If you are happy with these outlines I will produce a third one-pager on recovery, dealing with reforming, pairs landings (including a pairs ILS/PAR - the procedures are easy, it's the execution that's the problem), and a 4-ship run and break.

I don't believe that they conflict significantly from our current SOPs, but should cover 90% of what we routinely do. I am happy to accept any changes, and it might be a good idea to seek members inputs and suggestions before going firm.
Thoughts on Grd attack for 4 A-10Cs.pdf
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Re: Formation Procedures

Postby Neil Willis » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:23 pm

That looks exactly what we need Alan. Simple, straightforward, but clearly defined.

Can we use this procedure Tuesday, with the revised Op Bactria mission you mentioned? I think cohesion between aircraft is one thing that has been lacking in our recent forays, and a more structured approach may well cut down on the yardage of silk we need to keep the Squadron flying.
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Re: Formation Procedures

Postby Galm99 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:35 pm

A good informative read Alan, I look forward to putting it all in to practice Tuesday.
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