Using VAC and the DCS profile

Using VAC and the DCS profile

Postby Neil Willis » 29 May 2015, 12:37

Once you have your PC trained to your voice, the necessary files and mods installed, and the profile copied to your VAC folder, this is where I will describe the radio procedures to use to make it all work.

First, I have followed the convention where all messages are terminated by using your own callsign to sign off with. You also start all comms with the callsign of the other agency, for example:

"Batumi Tower request engine start Hog One One"

The message therefore consists of the callsign of the person you wish to talk to, followed by the message, and finally your own callsign. This is modified slightly once comms has been established (and in the menu system by the way menus are displayed) in which case you would say:

"Tower ready to taxi Hog One One"

The second method is used for all comms within the ATC sub menu - in other words, if you see Kobuleti tower at the top of the sub menu, you would say "Tower" and not "Kobuleti Tower"

All messages are therefore in the format (callsign of the person you want to talk to in either full or shortened form) the message (your own callsign). I have included several variations of the message part of the communication too, so you are not restricted to just one message per menu item

So, to ask ATC for permission to start your engine(s), the things you can say are as follows:

(Callsign) request engine start (callsign)
(Callsign) request start up (callsign)
(callsign) ready for engine start (callsign)
(callsign) ready for start up (callsign)

There are currently 3 possible callsigns you can use for your own callsign. These are "Hog One One", "Enfield One One" and "Tiger One"

Here is the full manual for VAC that contains all the possible message texts. If you take a look in the VAC Builder, you can see all the current wing and flight message permutations there.

I recommend that you use the key combination (Lctrl-v) that I have currently added to toggle VAC on and off whilst you fly, so that you can talk without VAC interpreting everything you say as a command. You will hear two different tones when you do so, and will easily tell if VAC is turning on or off as you press.
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Re: Using VAC and the DCS profile

Postby Jay44 » 03 Jun 2015, 20:32

I use voice attack got a great profile running for this and i just keep adding to it, wife thinks i am going mad talking to my PC pipe down in the corner there an stick to your facebook games darling.

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