DCS losing Focus when transmitting on Teamspeak

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DCS losing Focus when transmitting on Teamspeak

Postby Flyco » 07 Jun 2018, 20:43

We found Sherbert's problem, but it is not one I have met before.

With TeamSpeak and DCS running, when he transmits on TeamSpeak he loses focus on DCS. This means that he loses all input to DCS until he re-clicks back on the DCS screen - by which time he has lost control of the aircraft.

He uses multiple screens and I think this is where the problem arises. However, I also use three screens and don't have this problem. Has anyone any suggestions?

-Sudden flash of Light!!! - Sherbert a thought has occurred to me. Check that in the DCS Controls page you do not have Full Screen ticked. I seem to recall that unticking that in my set-up cured some focus type problems, although the details are lost in my dead brain-cells.

Let me know whether that is better - If not we can get together for an hour one evening and work through your multi-screen set-up.
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Re: DCS losing Focus when transmitting on Teamspeak

Postby Sherbet » 07 Jun 2018, 20:51

I do have full screen checked. PC shut down now but ill try again tomorrow night and report back. Hopefully that's the issue.

Thanks Alan
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