AV-8B Updates

AV-8B Updates

Postby Galm99 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:03 am

So looks like we have accidentally received an updated target pod with the update yesterday! And it has basic functionality too!

Hi folks, so Open Beta was updated and along the usual updates a surprise package was delivered to all proud AV-8B NA owners:
An partially functional TPOD.

Yes, it is working. Unfortunately it still is a work in progress.

What you can do with it:
Lock stationary targets.
Locked targets can become aircraft targets for weapons release.
Use the TDC.
Fire the laser.
Have the DMT and weapons use the laser for weapons guidance.

What you still cannot do with it:
Lock moving targets.
TPOD slave.
Transfer targets to the Mavericks.

Also, it is buggy so don't be surprised if you have unexpected behavior. After all it is a work in progress and it wasn't supposed to be released to you yet, only to the beta testers.

Well, c'est la vie. 
Enjoy the TPOD.
BTW, you will need to read the updated pocket guide which is not available yet, in order to learn how to use the TPOD. Because the AV-8B NA handles it quite differently than the A-10C does.

Just in case, the updated pocket guide is in the link below:


P.S.: I just flew the Open Beta version and it is not the latest TPOD version so the bugs are there and sometimes they bite. No, you won't get a CTD but you can get unexpected weapons behavior. After all this is a development version that was accidentally released.

I'll stick this thread so I can get your reactions to it so you can help me fix it faster.

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Re: AV-8B Updates

Postby Neil Willis » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:19 pm

The latest update news:

This is a locked thread where we will post any news regarding updates.

On this title post, we'll keep up to date on issues/features that are in-work, ready to go but not published, and planned updates.

Ready For Next Update:
Maneuver tone logic (placeholder sound for now)
FM Departure behavior modifications
Auto-start functional
Auto-stop functional
FLAPS Bit functional
FLAPS AUT caution logic
Correction to throttle cutoff lever issues
Overhaul to canopy and canopy lever/lock behavior
EDP BIT logic functional
Eng 15 Sec logic functional

In Work or Planned:
EHSD overhaul/updates
NAV/INS overhaul/updates
Weapons systems logic corrections and updates
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