A10C CDU Video Tutorials

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A10C CDU Video Tutorials

Postby Galm99 » 04 Jan 2017, 20:32

I found these tutorials from Recon Stewart on the A10c CDU they are quite in depth and thought it was worth a post, being one of the more complex parts to learn on the A10C especially for anyone who spends more time in fighters or older generation aircraft.

Hope it helps anyone struggling to get to grips with the CDU, even if you just use it as a insight a get the QFI's to talk you through it slow time.

Obviously you don't need to learn every aspect, alot of it is just for interest, waypoints management is the main thing to know.

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Re: A10C CDU Video Tutorials

Postby dragon13 » 05 Jan 2017, 05:53

Hi Matt, yea I watched these videos when they were released, even I learnt a couple of things I didn't know the CDU could do.

Very Very Useful videos.

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