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Re: show us your setup

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2018, 16:51
by Paul Gillon

Is that a USB number pad on the left there? Are you able to assign functions to this in addition to your normal keyboard?

Re: show us your setup

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2018, 17:17
by Flyco
The left keypad is a bog-standard USB keypad, which I use mainly to give instant views. The one next to it is a home-built F1 - F12 pad, which drives a programmable keyboard input device called a winpac. It accepts up to about 40 (x2) inputs, including the F1 - F12 keypad and a variety of other push-switches.

I also have a programmable CH device which has a configurable layout capable of input combinations or sequences of keystrokes.

Most of the on/off switches and potentiometers, drive a number of USB devices. Unfortunately the current unreliability of USB inputs to DCS makes these problematic.