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Re: Kutaisi Master Mission

Postby dragon13 » 11 Feb 2018, 06:23

Looks kinda nice with your name on the aircraft.

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Re: Kutaisi Master Mission

Postby Flyco » 11 Feb 2018, 14:47

Having now downloaded the new skins, I am still doubtful about whether we can use them easily without confusion, in the way proposed.

The problem is that the majority of the information you enter into the mission on building it, does not appear on the initial tote page when running the mission. All that does show is the NAME (which is taken from the Group name in the ME), and the hash sign (#), which is taken from the Tail # in the ME. Given that the 4 ac of any flight will all be listed by the same NAME (Group Name), the decision as to which aircraft to enter can only be made by reference to the Tail number (#).

Provided that: we re-rig the current Tail Nos to align with the Flights (eg Hog 11, 12, 13, 14; Pig 31, 32, 33,34; etc); we eliminate the duplicates; and everyone can remember thier individually assigned Tail No, this can be got around. It would also help if the skins themselves could include aircraft Tail Nos as part of the art work, which they don't seem to at present.

That comes to my major reservation. Unless we are always going to fly the same aircraft in the same formation and position on every sortie, several people entering the Sim will have to alter their skin, inevitably confusing and delaying the start up etc. Incidentally I have checked and I was wrong earlier - there is the option to change your skin at the start of a sortie. What I don't know is whether everyone has to have individual access to all the skins.

I will endeavour to amend my missions to meet the standard allocations. However, before I start can I ask that the current allocations be confirmed and 'set in stone' (sandstone rather than granite would be OK!), and that there are not going to be continuous updates as people add nose art etc. The current download is over 400 Mb, and trying to download, extract and install a new set everytime someone changes a nose flash is going to become a pain.
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Re: Kutaisi Master Mission

Postby Neil Willis » 11 Feb 2018, 16:58

I understand your concerns Alan, and there will always be occasions when missions are flown with people not occupying their own aircraft. I don't see that as any different from real world situations. Aircraft are withdrawn from service for base repair and scheduled maintenance, or people get posted to other units. It is not unusual to fly someone else's plane in the real world I am led to believe.

Also, it is a straight forward thing to select your own skin from the list regardless of what role you are taking. We cannot ever say that joe blogs will always be in the same flight, or have the same position in that flight. We will be changing positions almost inevitably, perhaps on a week by week basis. What we are trying to achieve is consistency, within reason. We are also trying to instil a sense of place, and esprit de corps, which having a sense of belonging to a tight knit team will hopefully encourage.

As for adding nose art, there will already be artwork representing a particular pilot. If you don't update your library, all that will happen is you won't see the new nose art. The original one will still be valid, and display normally. If you do update, you will just be overwriting what's already there, as it will have the same name, same location, and same contents - it will be the same file that DCS World employs, but with just a minor change in the images it contains. The missions will not therefore need updating as the same skin will be in use.

All mission planners will need to do is make sure there are 4 Hog aircraft, plus a spare, 4 Boar aircraft, plus a spare, 4 Tusk aircraft, plus a spare, and 4 Pig aircraft, plus a spare. If missions don't support 4 flights, then just place as many as the mission supports, but place them in the same locations at Kutaisi for consistency. We can be flexible about who occupies which seat, or we also have the choice of keeping the same pilots in the same roles.

We can look at tail numbers, and how the RAF employ them, and use the bort number system to implement them, but as you say, they are independent of aircraft groups. Pilots will know which slot by knowing what their position in a flight is, and tail numbers are simply another cosmetic item and not important to a mission writer once they have been set up.
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