NOTAM Number = N0002 - DCS 1.5 Server

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NOTAM Number = N0002 - DCS 1.5 Server

Postby Richard Rodgers » 08 Oct 2015, 18:43

NOTAM Numer = N0002
Date Issued = 8th October 2015
Area Affected = Server Log In
Squadrons Affected = All

We have a DCS World 1.5 Beta server running, but sometimes this server will not show up in the DCS Server list that shows in Multiplayer due to a bug within DCS. To sidestep this issue could you please try to connect via direct IP adress.

Server Address =

The server should not have a set password, but if you fail to connect, please try the above address together with our usual password just in case one has inadvertently been set.

The log in ip address for DCS World 1.2.16 or DCS World 2.0 Alpha is:
This alternates between 1.2.16 and 2.0 Alpha as required, and they share the same port IP address.

(amended by Neil on initiation of 2.0 Alpha server presence)
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