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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby Neil Willis » 20 Dec 2018, 13:13

Today's change log which affects only the Beta build and brings us to

WWII Update:

Introduced an improved of Bf 109, Fw 190, P-51D and Spitfire IX cockpits and external models.
Added another version of the P-51D Mustang: P-51D-25-NA. This version has different IFF and radio equipment.

Support of new campaign - P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations.

Note: Regarding the VEAO Hawk, the developer has ceased supporting their product. We will though continue to make available the 2.5.3 updater for those that wish to fly this product.

DCS World

Corrected blue fog color.
Gas Platforms and Oil Rigs can now be placed on ground (not only in water) in the Mission Editor.
ME. Triggers. Action "RADIOITEM ADD TO coalition or group" visible for all is fixed.
ME. The Zone that is property of the task сontinue to be displayed on the map after changing the task is fixed.
ME. Part of the tab "Naval group" continues to be displayed after closing is fixed.
The SU-17M4 loadout has 2 entries for MER*6 FAB-100 – one of these is redundant and was deleted.
AGM-65. Search and lock ranges was increased based on launch altitude.
Encyclopedia. Fixed incorrect description for BetAB-500 bombs.
Su-33 AI. Late activated Su-33 causing game crash is fixed.
ATC Request for Takeoff Error - no clearance for takeoff fixed at hold short check from 80 meters instead 30+30 is fixed.
Forcing the civilian traffic options within the mission options screen has no effect when in the simulation - fixed.
MP. Ban functionality in server UI (WIP).

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

Added Laser-guided bombs GBU-10/12/16.
Added air show smoke for Hornet. New loadout option and key command added.
Added BRAA (enabled on Radar/DATA) and AA Waypoint (Bullseye), set on HSI/DATA page with indications on and attack radar page.
Added AGM-65F SHIP Mode.
Cockpit textures updated to include fixed normal map issue on the left DDI.
Ripple Single/Ripple Salvo fixed.
VACQ and GACQ symbol on HUD fixed.
Updated F/A-18C RU manual by Vortex.
We are adding updated tones for the AIM-9X, but they are not complete in this Open Beta version.
We are in the process of adding more realistic fuse options for MUFZ and EFUZ, including functional delayed fuse options. These are work in progress for this Open Beta.
AGM-65F axis slew for the Thrustmaster Warthog throttle mini-stick is a hardware issue that we cannot resolve due to the same switch being used for two actions at the same time. We are investigating an option to allow slew without TDC press.
A couple datalink pages have been added to this Open Beta, but these are largely non-functional as we create the larger data link system for the Hornet.

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM

Added new Pilot (Ejection).
Added new Pilot in Seat (Ejection).
Added new Pilot in Cockpit.
Added new Pilot Uniform variations for Liveries.
Updated Liveries Description.Lua.
Updated all aircraft models.
Updated Cockpit to have Shadow Casting.
Removed older Livery variations from Liveries Folder to main texture folder.
Removed VR Pilot temporally to start integration of new more Accurate 3D Scanned VR Pilot.
Changed pilot model and textures.
Changed texture names from .bmp.dds and .tga.dds to .dds.
Fix Light Texture bugs.


Sidearm lock now breaks immediately after a target is destroyed.
Sidearm selected/Still fires a gun pod fixed.
Step logic and button is fixed.
Erroneous MAV information on MCPD.
MAVs reticles do not change color when changing polarity.
INRNG seems to be visible for MAV at this point.
Pushing step and then changing weapons carried over to next weapon.
Having an ITER pylon does not block step logic for other weapons.
Changed texture names from .bmp.dds and .tga.dds to .dds.
Updated Cockpit to have Shadow Casting.
Fixed Button 5 on UFC, wrong argument.
Fix Light Texture bugs.

DCS: AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

Rb04 and Rb15 should now target civilian boats (scenery) in Persian Gulf.
Changed the radar gain axis command to use the full axis range [-1,1] (was [0,1]).
Added BK-90 Preplanned target tutorial.
Improved performance during radar usage at long range.

DCS: F-86F Sabre

Updated the English Flight Manual.

DCS: C-101 EB/CC by Aviodev

C-101CC Flyable
EFM for C-101 EB and C-101CC. Note: Early Beta Version.
Multiplayer- Now you can take control in rear cockpit. Some system works (Gear, Flaps,Stick, Pedals). WIP.


M-2000 Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon. Added RU locale (texts and images).
F-15C: The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon. It includes the following changes:
M2 - increased the volume of some audio files.
M3 - Added stop condition to prevent Su-24s from re-attacking ground targets after bugging out (edited).
M6 - Su-25Ts will no longer engage AWACS.
M8 - enemy MiGs will now stay on station and not land too early.
M10 - Corrected timing on radio chatter between WP3 & 4
M11 - Adjusted flight path to prevent AI Su-27 crashing. Removed inactive MiG-31. Restricted Ground attack for wingman
M12 - Yak-40 will be destroyed if damaged by hostile fighters
M16 - Adjusted default flight formation. Silenced AI Hip radio calls. Corrected duplicate VO
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby Neil Willis » 16 Jan 2019, 13:43

Today's changelog from Eagle Dynamics:

Introduced DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

DCS World

Added P-51D to Greece.
AGM-88. Adjusted missile position on LAU-118 launcher.
Sound disappear after off and using cancel on settings is fixed.
T.Flight Hotas: user can't assign any command is fixed.
Fixed glitch on some video cards when pixel color is less than zero.
Sea shelf objects will be available as suppliers.
Fixed bug with incorrect fog covering and ground explosion effect.
Fixed crash with mission reloading when cursor was forced with Alt+C.
Fixed crash with mission reloading when shell smoke tail was present in air at this time
Crash on group destroy with engine shutdown event is fixed.
Crash on mission reload with active scripting timers is fixed.
ME. Fixed bug with Ammo tab of Naval group that changing on tab to Route in some situations.
Input. Fixed bug that caused black screen after reassign input and press OK button.
MP. Fixed aircraft jumping back on heavy packet loss.
MP. Fixed aircraft rubber-banding when recovering from packet loss.
VR. Fix glitch (large white area ) when high pixel density value selected.
VR. Possible fix for Samsung Odyssey crosseyed picture.


Fixed Easy Radio bugs, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
Fixed English cockpit modelling issue
Fixed reversed Head movement of exterior pilot
Added new animation process for Instrument controls
Added new animation process Switches and Knobs
Fixed the pilot's animation of arm in full forward movement
Fixed visor showing when ejected
Fixed Sun glare showing on cockpit instruments
Fixed minor problem with Roughmet texture on the Vertical RWR
M07: removed the Hercules causing problems with taxiing
M10: corrected AI behaviour and fixed bug where bandits would crash one into another
M12: changed the starting time to 9am
Updated M2000C Afterburner effect


Added new animation process for Instrument controls
Added new animation process Switches and Knobs
Added New Pilot
Added New Pilot Patches
Added new helmet HGU-68/P to AV8B pilot with normal and Roughmet.
Changed Luas in Livery folder for new Pilot
Released M02 and M17 for harrier (trainings)
Fixed Easy Radio bugs, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
Fixed spring loaded switches not working correctly
Fixed Chaff & Flares release when EXP switch is OFF
Corrected thrust calculations at low to mid engine power
Corrected relation to pitch trim to stabilator throw
Modified ASL behavior. Now it runs parallel to the pitch ladder

DCS: AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

Fixed missing texture for Rb75/T/B
Fixed issues with kneeboard. Some cosmetic issues still remaining.
Kneeboard now displays flight-plan of selected data cartridge.
Flight plans created in F10 map now supports adding time and speed, ie “B2 0.8” for Mach 0.8 or “M4 12:35:10” for time-on-target thirty five minutes and ten seconds past noon. Force speed works like it does in the Mission Editor, and not like in CK37, so setting a speed on B2 will have it use that speed from B1 to B2 and after, similar to setting speed on B1 manually in CK37.
Manual update, RC2

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

LAU-131 with M257 rockets (parachute illumination) does work now.
Payload does not remain in same position when the wing is detached.
Improved pilots’ animation and textures.
Fixed liveries folder structure.
Fixed ADI gauge glass.
Fixed issue with engine stopping when there is tail wind.
Fixed Sidewinder pylon.
Implemented MPR switch and corresponding light.
Fixed smoke system icons in ME payload page. They are now visible again.
Added C-101CC kneeboard (WIP) with tables for TACAN-DME channels and paired frequencies.
Fixed both EB and CC kneeboards.
Added localizer indication to C-101CC ADI.
Updated DEFA 553 shells (30mm instead of 12.7mm).
Fixed GS arm and capture modes of FD. It now keeps ALT mode longer, until GS deviation is closer to zero. No fly-up commands anymore at ILS capture.
Stall warning does not sound now with tailwind on ground, only when test is performed.
AoA indicator needle in C-101CC does not move with tailwind on ground, only when test is performed.
Reduced adverse yaw effect.
Increased yaw moment dampening.
Fixed ITT instrument marks in C-101CC. (Engine instruments indications are WIP).
Replaced Fast Erect label with Gyro Platform label in C-101CC rear cockpit.
Updated C-101EB kneeboard, and added C-101CC kneeboard with specific checklist and data, as well as table with TACAN-DME channels and paired frequencies.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

R-3x missile performance adjusted.
Calibrated altimeter’s precision.
Updated weapons’ panel texture (‘Easy Weapons’ option)
Updated radar ‘JAM’ texture.
Fixed shaking pitot while the aircraft is stationary.


Corrected wrong VVI indication on HUD
Crash when using Weapon.getDesc() on an Aim-7F from event handler is fixed.
Removed GBU-16 dual carry on BRU-33.
Added Instant Action Missions:
Caucasus FA-18C AGM-65F Maverick Practice
Caucasus FA-18C Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs Practice
Caucasus FA-18C River Run
Persian Gulf FA-18 Strike Fighter
Added HARM delivery in the Self Protect mode.
Fixed DUD cue for GPB/LGB.
Fixed FOV of AGM-65E.
Fixed TDC slew of AGM-65F.
Radar ACM modes switching corrected.
Missing Leading Edge Extension (LEX) Vapors restored.

DCS Yak-52

Large FPS difference from 2 Blade to 3 Blade prop fixed.


Assertion and crash when UH-1H main rotor is damaged are fixed.


Correct mass calculation in rearm menu.


L-39 Kursant campaign. Corrected missions of stage 6.
P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney. Removed the "player alive" success condition. Updated some docs.
Mi-8MTV2 The Border Campaign. Corrected mission 8 (Radio Hunt) where group of Mi-24 can not landing.
M-2000C Red Flag Campaign.
Mission 03: removed static F-15 blocking taxi route for Monster (UK Tornado).
Mission 10: fixed behaviour of AI F-5 and M-2000 so that they engage instead of landing.
A-10C Stone Shield. Adapting mission files under DCS 2.5.
Museum Relic Campaign. Numerous performance changes made to both campaigns.

Known Issues

DOS-window appears while CE II libraries loading.
Mirage M-2000C: springloaded switches doesn't work. You can download fix here:
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby Neil Willis » 22 Jan 2019, 12:49

The latest Hot Fix brings DCS World Open Beta to v2.5.4.26479:

F/A-18C: Fixed AGM-65E target lock issue.
Multimonitor: Left and Right monitors are changed is fixed.
VR: One eye image blinks when water set to High is fixed.
F/A-18C training - lesson 12 AIM-9. Default language will be EN not RU.
In game debrief showing dictKey for unit names instead of actual unit name is fixed.
Laser code panel does not close in some case is fixed.
ME. FOG checkbox doesn't set when weather preset with fog selected is fixed.
F/A-18C training - lesson 15 Rockets. Corrected an failure where RU was the default locale.
Mirage M-2000: Nosewheel Steering/IFF Interrogate doesn't work is fixed.
Christen Eagle II: DOS-window appears while CE II libraries loading is fixed.
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby Neil Willis » 23 Jan 2019, 15:39

The latest change log to DCS World v2.5.4.26552 Beta from Eagle Dynamics:

DCS World

Fixed crash if tank has been destroyed while shooting.
AIM-7. Loft trajectory corrected. Arm delay increased for safe launch.
MP. AIM-7. Net phantom (client side) of missile always flies straight ahead fixed.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

Updated CC kneeboard with TACAN-DME tables.
Fixed digits in altimeter Kollsman window of C-101CC.
Removed Air Brake Toggle from control inputs.
Updated C-101CC kneeboard with an additional depression table for bombs employment.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude LLC

Fixed UVs on fuel pump and its switch.
Fixed anniversary year on pilots' patch.
Added 'Open Canopy' to network animation code.
Improved compass animation.
Fixed numerous cockpit typos.
Fixed typos in manual.
Fixed track replay.
Elevator trim, mixture and RPM levers now works with mouse input. Note: If a "axis" is mapped, it will tend to override mouse or keyboard input, since joystick inputs are scanned on any joystick input change.
Added inputs for radio frequency, channel selection and on/off, etc.
Altimeter setup can now be adjusted from rear seat.
Slightly improved movement over grassy terrain.
Improved FM effects when taking damage.
Improved sounds, such as engine startup, rolling, airframe stress, etc.
Updated auto start/stop sequences.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude LLC

Fixed track replay.


F/A-18C. Update of the french Hornet manual.


Su-33. Corrected unnatural camera shaking when wings folded.
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby dragon13 » 30 Jan 2019, 15:43

The latest change log to DCS World v2.5.4.26825 Beta from Eagle Dynamics:

Introduced new campaign The Enemy Within 3.0 by Baltic Dragon

DCS World
Helicopter-borne infantry (descent). Corrected calculating total number of troops.
ME. Effects on the map will be have an option to be hidden.
AI vehicles. Vehicles will sink if they are destroyed when swimming on the water.
ME. Triggers. The trigger condition “missile in zone” will contains the SS-N-2 Silkworm anti ship missile in the list.
Su-25T. Corrected Shkval training mission.
AI helicopter will not be landing to the landing area that was occupied by player.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude LLC
Added missing alpha channel to pilot’s patch texture.
Fixed more cockpit typos.
Fixed more typos in manual.
Updated sounds.
Improvements in suspension.
Added Chinese text to training missions.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude LLC
Fixed canopy ejectors from showing while it is open.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Damage model affects now to Flight Model (WIP). For now, you can see: Balance and yaw moments and lift and drag forces, due to the loss of parts of the wings. Engine fire (only EB).
Fix in damage model: Parts that are detached do not appear now duplicated, that is, connected to the airplane body at the same time.
Added pylons damage model.
Fixed N1, N2 and ITT indication with MPR in C-101CC.
Added patch to left arm of pilots (it was missing).
Fixed AGA patches.
Fixed patches of internal model.

DCS Combined Arms
Laser ranger has been fixed for binocular view.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
Fix of stores weight calculation in MCc (LAU-61 rockets add absurd amount of weight).
Unable to step through all GBUs loaded, Incorrect release sequence are fixed.
AIM-7 will lose semi active radar guidance when the f-18C is hit and enters 360 spin.
Fixed crash when cycle between CAP-9 and TST pod.
Unable to select BRA with no A/A Waypoint Selected is fixed.
Radar page BRA and A/A Waypoint Color Error is fixed.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
Mig-29A/S/G Landing light animation tuned.
Su-25 Revanche campaign adapted to DCS 2.5.4. Corrected weather, time of start, triggers, force balance and payloads.

A-10C Operation Piercing Fury. Bugfix of mission 08.
M2000 Red Flag Campaign. Mission 10 and 11. Fixed third flight of A-10Cs that were stuck during taxiing.
CA Georgia Campaign. Fixes include visibility of some units. Added and updated some VOs. Fixed some typos. Other fixes.
Ultimate Argument: F-4E replaced by A-10C - fixed.
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby Neil Willis » 13 Feb 2019, 13:34

Today's update changelog taking us to v2.5.3.27314 Open Beta:

DCS World

JTAC has very short designation range - range is increased.
Added binocular with laser to units that assigned for JTAC task.
BDA setting can be enforced now from server to clients.
AIM-9X: AIs will not use the missile to engage targets well outside the range of the missile.
AGM-65: Missiles launched from sides of Triple Rack will have proper trajectory.
Fixed crash related to BGM-109 Tomahawk usage.
AI’s Su-33 will be able to take off from deck of Kuznetsov with proper weight.
MP Server. Slightly corrected the banned list window.
MP Server. Fixed gradual performance loss when there’s no sound card.
ME. Armament HMMWV added to Georgia
ME. Soldiers added to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
ME. Added Cuba to country list.
Kazakhstan Air Force will speak in Russian, not English.ВСЫ
MiG-29A. Added Kazakhstan KazAADF 2008 skin by Asker Askerov.
Radar missile usage crash fixed.
Wingmen air refueling crash fixed.
Ground units - crash on recon mode fixed.
Missile launch warning system crash fixed.
Aircraft Big formations. Crash appearing in case of destruction of the leading flight is fixed.
Fixed crash when switching maps.
Function "onPlayerTryConnect" now send correct message to a client when connection has been refused.


Added Overwing Vapor
External model updated


Fixed: NRAS Cannot be entered and does not display NRAS cue.
Fixed: Pitch Caret can not be changed on the ODU.
Fixed Helmet decal showing on the visor and oxygen mask of the pilot

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

Fixed pilots' textures showing on 3D mesh.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

Fixed collision lines' naming convention.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

Fixed MPR power as a function of altitude (MPR doesn't decrease power at high altitude anymore).
Added oil pressure drop when engine damaged.
Added C-101CC engine fire when damaged.
Improved engine failure when damaged.
Rudder, aileron, elevator, horizontal stabilizer, flaps and speed brake flight model damage implemented.
Added engine fire for C-101CC to flight model damages.
Batteries, inverters, generator, starter, engine oil leak, engine fire, hydraulic leak, gunsight lamps flight model damage implemented (WIP).
Fixed wheels damaged collision model.
Added batteries and inverters destruction when the nose detaches.
Added generator destruction when engine section is damaged.
Added aerodynamic drag increase when nose is teared.
Added starter destruction due to engine section damage.
Fixed IFR mission #2, which was broken due to new advanced flight model.
Added failures set in Mission Editor (WIP) for: generator, starter, batteries, inverters, oil pressure drop, fuel leak, engine seized, hydraulic leak, elevator loss, aileron loss, rudder loss, pitot tube blocked, static port blocked and gunsight lamps failure.
Front-rear cockpits synchronization in multiplayer: fixed batteries isolation pushbuttons, added essential circuit transfer, added engine anti-ice and engine computer pushbuttons (partially), fixed pitch trim synchronization (partially).
Fixed hydraulic pressure in AFM. It's now zero at cold start and increases/decreases during engine start/stop or crank.
Added PART. METAL. (CHIP DETECT) warning light to C-101EB.
Crank will not work if there is starter failure.
Pilot’s arm patches are not visible when pilot body is not showing.
Rework on aircraft numerals (changed color for Chilean numeral).
Fixed Spanish patches for Matacan and Claex skins.


TOT HUD indicator is reversed - fixed.
BRA bearing should not change based on azimuth setting
When the player selects a different radar azimuth setting, the BRA bearing will not changing.
Added Realistic/Unrealistic TDC Slew option for compensate issue with hardware TDC of the Thrustmaster Warthog.
Fixed High Drag Bomb Fuze Errors.
Fixed some errors in the Early Access Guide.


Spring Tension Campaign:13th miz - Mi-28 doesn't attack targets - fixed.

DCS Spitfire IX

Cockpit. Corrected Pitot heat switch marking.
The glass material of canopy will not be detached from the canopy frame.

Persian Gulf Map

Al Dhafra Airbase. Player will able to call the Rearming and refuel panel even from the farthest parking.


The Enemy Within 3 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:
Mission 01- corrected typo in coordinates given by Overlord (text).
Mission 04 - corrected rare bug where Axeman would send radio messages after being killed, corrected F10 menu items not disappearing when they should, corrected some overlaping radio messages.
F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag. Some minor briefing text updates and unit repositioning.
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Re: DCS 2.5 Update News

Postby dragon13 » 15 Feb 2019, 14:11

Today's update changelog taking us to v2.5.4.27430 Open Beta:

ME. Fixed issue with Cuba country that replacing the Third Reich
Helicopter special troops: On the helicopter there is no menu for embarking commandos if the first commando in the group is killed.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Engine seizure after some time with low oil pressure or mishandling in that condition. Improved pilot liveries for default skin.
Added kneeboard to pilot model.
Altimeter indication freeze if pitot tube and static ports are blocked.
Changed name: Gunsight lamps failure
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