Mega 3D Sim

Mega 3D Sim

Postby Roon » 11 Jul 2018, 15:18

Had another go at the life-sized sim in 4k 3D surround world. Otherwise known as the Pyrenees. Stall recovery, spin recovery and departure/landing practice today in a Grumman Cheater (mate's plane). He's a great bloke (pic right) and mad as a bucket of frogs....well, he is a Frog anyway!! Main point being that keeping an eye on everything seems so much easier than before I had DCS - it really does teach the old brain to think in the right way. I watch height, heading, AOA etc without a second thought now it's becoming second nature.
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Sometimes stuff is supposed to fall off....sometimes not.
I still can't be sure which... :?

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