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Re: Post mission Debriefs

Postby dragon13 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:33 am

Yea, no problem there, Iv'e got a very innocent look.
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Re: Post mission Debriefs

Postby rifraf105 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:13 pm

Tacview has a group briefing feature... Awesome but iv not tried it yet. i have a pro subscription so i can host a session but not sure if we would all need the paid or the free version to join the host! As far as i understand it, everyone joins the session and watch the action real time while someone debriefs in chat. It would be really good because any flight action can be zoomed and run through whilst the overall actions of everyone and the impact on the mission can be seen.
I would be happy to Host such a session as a practice run. The rules for such a session should be for the mission creator to assume the role of debrifer due to them knowing the mission best. Observations can then be made and mentioned as to What shot you down BOB and where did it come from. Knowing the little things like where a missile come from helps so much. Ppl that understand the different Systems and there limitations can then be taught to the newer members. There is a wealth of knowledge In you guys that can help ppl in learning and getting better.
The main thing in these sorts of group comm discussions is that limiting ppl from talking is a major issue, having been involved in groups with alot of members talking at once is so slow and unproductive. but we are all gentlemen here and respect the rules of such a thing?!
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