SAS Pick-Up - For 1 - 4 choppers.

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Re: SAS Pick-Up - For 1 - 4 choppers.

Postby Galm99 » 16 Dec 2018, 18:20

However you done very well to land it in the village without a tail Nick!

I mean I only turned around to find you after we couldn't raise you on the comms......No wonder the comms we're difficult, I'm guessing the antenna was on the tail somewhere!
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Re: SAS Pick-Up - For 1 - 4 choppers.

Postby Lau » 17 Dec 2018, 13:06

Happy days with a contra-rotating co-axial rotor system, not so much in the Gazelle!

Was very nice to fly with you guys, not sure what is more enjoyable in slow choppers, the outside scenery or the spare chat time allowing for more jokes than bullets in the air, talking about chat and having a good time, I had forgotten that the bad guys where in town and by the time Nick screamed, "you are getting shot" it was too late, two bullets and down goes my paper super lightweight Gazelle. I guess we came as an escort for the Huey to survive and despite all the extra challenges and odds it did and it is not something we could have taken from granted at mission(s) start(s)!

Nice mission, the next time I will be more focused on incoming, not easy when it is coming from our six o'clock before it is too late that is...

Good one thanks!

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