f-18 campaign development

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f-18 campaign development

Postby fly_george » 28 Oct 2018, 23:47

the campaign is no where near completion but I'm gonna publish missions 1 through 3 for you guys, i may have overlooked critical information so feel free to point out if i have screwed up, the briefings should be in the briefing tab. the missions involve 1 escort mission 1 ground attack mission and 1 barcap mission. i will voice them once i know they are complete.
im leaving the rest untill we have more ground attack weaponry as well as other munitions, difficulty will be adjusted soon. all these missions may not be the most realistic but will put you in various stress situations that will aid in learning, have a play though and give me some feedback. i have played through all of the missions so far and havnt found them to difficult but i dont know my skill level compared to the average pilot, so let me know if they are hilariously easy or unbelievably hard.
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