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Postby Griffin » 28 Feb 2019, 10:42

Are there plans in the pipe lines for a in forum number of kills type of thing both for ground targets n Boggies ? or do i buy yet another note book to start recoreding Kills ?
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Re: Kills

Postby Richard Rodgers » 13 Mar 2019, 17:19

Mutley, being as it is darn near impossible to log any kills electronically with DCS as it does not allow that type of data export, I would give old Basildon Bond a thrashing and write yours down.

Personally I don't give a toss how many kills I get, I'm just happy to get in the air. I think if I were to record how much silk I used that would be a higher figure than kills.
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Re: Kills

Postby Thomas Loeffelmann » 14 Mar 2019, 00:33

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Re: Kills

Postby rifraf105 » 14 Mar 2019, 17:34

Most servers have the tilde key do they not? Shows the pilots score/kills for the time on server, also the bigger groups do keep records of that kind of stuff for competitions ect.
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