Anyone want an Obutto R3volution gaming desk?

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Anyone want an Obutto R3volution gaming desk?

Postby Sharpe » 07 Jun 2019, 12:18

My wife hath spoken :(

My beloved gaming desk is to be removed from the house. It's a case of its the desk or her, and while I did say I would rather she went it turns out she isn't leaving and she punches harder than Mike Tyson :/

These desks are £600 new and about half that 2nd hand. I'll let it go to any RAF member that can make use of it for £200 and if anyone wants the projector and touch screen I use with it you can have the lot for 250.

The catch is that its collection only or you will need to sort out and pay for a courier to collect the chair.

Hope someone can make use of it - it's a fantastic set up for flying.

PM me if your interested.

- Sharpe
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