NOTAM Number N0001 - Intro & SOPs Updates

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NOTAM Number N0001 - Intro & SOPs Updates

Postby Clyde.Whiting » 28 Jul 2014, 18:04

Notices to Airmen are authoritative notifications detailing essential information that all pilots MUST be familiar with, and MUST comply with at all times when using RAF Air servers.

NOTAM Number = N0001
Date amended = 21st February 2016
Area Affected = Standard Operating Procedures Document
Squadrons Affected = All

The latest version of SOPs is 1.0.101. which is now public and on the server.

The changes made in the latest update include the addition of Time on Target procedures for the A-10C and the completion of the Formations Guide section.

/////////NOTAM ENDS/////////
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